A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Purdie, David C. matching with General Northern

Total unique words from Purdie, David C. = 2,969
Total unique words from General Northern = 11,002
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 50.5%
Overlap total : 49.5%
Dialect only total: 50.5%
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Purdie, David C. General Northern
ian til cherlie juist telt ernie whan haed whit laddie nivver intil doun thair he's whaur street bi lik of thare gang nor wullie wull braw bus cuid s son ane jyner man then wey gaun syne he'd new syme that's siller grant thaim bluidy ye're thegither door speirt hecky ir gettin wha nou cried mcbain naethin young drame warkin stertit white i'd didna thae suez janny wir them kent clancy gowden ither ain bugger nixt to whit's lest scobie poems duin men timmer kis job thrie glesgy cuidna micht warld skuil could ainly neist trip its gey dumb alang rovers the an a o in tae he wis i it that on for wi him ye up at his but no oot aa they wes we is be got get or aboot this ma as said me back it's wee hae auld frae weel awa time efter mair day gin richt and see bit yer i'm ower twa nae ken you aye ti been i'll aff yon guid ony here lang seen pit sae thocht wad like says say i've us afore ae there fae oor tak mornin noo went dinna dae muckle nicht their cam come she mind temp jist fit her doon affa eck fine rainfall een hid fan i' win rain dis wid fin och o' if na my some hame feel ere's sin again ere intae fir quine dee fair dry think far ah wiz wye wint en were heid so fer div fowk can mak wi' your gan kin loon cauld are at's sna hale canna sunday aat love comes let need thursday friday monday eence bide wifie wednesday tuesday saturday oh tell did air bonny roon gaed by war wither fa iss gweed foo queen three em throo cood weet look better hed gie
50.5% 49.5% 50.5%