A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Reynolds, Charlie matching with Orkney

Total unique words from Reynolds, Charlie = 451
Total unique words from Orkney = 13,900
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 73.5%
Overlap total : 26.5%
Dialect only total: 73.5%
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Reynolds, Charlie Orkney
tha bae ullans tongue thaur mae ir gie sae wha mair mann ain dinnae wye taak oor wud yins oul coorse jest nae pit hale spake taakin naw wus maak its krisamas becaase bane wull native haes speakers wheen why thae somethin roon these santa moather lake brev boords heids nir years thur pairt wee know stap richt proud forrit mine english forget guid meanin times gled weans wrang whaur toon shane love cannae maesel thocht feyther ulster wush baen betther try kan thats aul tryin shud scrieve yese culture agen gret richtfa place fit withoot neck scrievin ax instead stert country maistly opeenion dancin niver speak support need frae wean ony spellin toul hard schuil onythin luk what whun ava gane rale minute maebae themsels beginnin quet schame promoted tongue' maist kneed languge dark push wake fore poleeticians rake nearly onything machine' music hunners athagither education a o an tae it in that is ye hae wae they for aa on aff yer noo aboot time things wur weel this think if language year ower as but up dae intae scots am them oot at efter see afore even still come keep doon mak bit the aye life thing and i me hid he wis his no fur her wi sheu be fae you aal like or we whit thir so wir back peedie when ah'm him wan wid day hid's there s then been some right more cheust by says said ken are can hiv than tak night could here got man whar owld again fer roond gaan hoose new thoo twa he's go thee wey yir oan say orkney home thowt hoo sheu's get mind will that's ither gaed hids good folk darling there's to didna too whan through anither last cam thay did she wife till door nivver awey big bi sea their light fock face only first long end bed very o' wark dance while were muckle seen kens ah'll wirds haed oh fine id set eyes of much left bonny black better might all poor us whin best hand yet heid
73.5% 26.5% 73.5%