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# 1
The Young Team
Graeme Armstrong | 2021-04-01
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# 2
The Glasgow Gruffalo
Elaine C. Smith | 2016-10-11
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# 3
Chris McQueer | 2017-07-27
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# 4
The Glasgow Gruffalo's Wean
Elaine C. Smith | 2021-05-27
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# 5
Duck Feet
Ely Percy | 2021-02-26
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# 6
A Working Class State of Mind
Colin Burnett | 2021-06-01
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# 7
Chris McQueer | 2018-11-08
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# 8
Be guid tae yer Mammy
Emma Grae | 2021-08-19
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# 9
The Tongue She Speaks
Emma Grae | 2022-10-13
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# 10
Peter Bennett | 2022-09-30
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# 11

The Wildcats Pure Bravado
Catherine Neville | 2022-01-31
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11 books listed
I'm not sure if I can copyright a list of books, or if I would want to, but my name's Chris, I am @illandancient on Twitter and this is my list of Scots language books from 2023-05-03
The books with images are Amazon affiliate links where I might make a small commission if you choose to buy the book, otherwise feel free to use the Waterstones or Abebooks links. This whole website is an exression of my frustration with mainstream bookshops being unable or unwilling to deal with Scots language books in a favourable manner. Its not easy to search for books written in Scots, its not often that the algorithms recommend books written in Scots, a lot of the books are mis-labelled as being written in English, the website admins don't care, the corporate buyers don't care, so perhaps this a gap in the market that can easily be filled.