Test Version of A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Words beginning with

List of words in Corpus beginning with 'x'

Hereto follows a list of all the words in the Corpus of Contemporary Scots Texts, with the number of occurences normalised per 100,000 words, the number of different authors who've used the words and then number of occurrences normalise per 100,000 words for each dialect.

The first column is also a link to the concordance and each occurrence of the word.

A full dump of the raw word frequencies can be downloaded in csv format here (do a right click save as)

Word Total Occurrences
(normalised per 100,000 words)
Authors Central / Lallans
(normalised per 100,000 words)
Doric / Northern
(normalised per 100,000 words)
(normalised per 100,000 words)
(normalised per 100,000 words)
Southern / Borders
(normalised per 100,000 words)
(normalised per 100,000 words)

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