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Use in varieties of Scots

xmas Corpus occurrences Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words19 15.7 45.3 0 0 26.1 0
Number of occurrences4622 21 0 0 3 0
Number of authors11 6 3 2

Occurrences of xmas in Corpus

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Shoor Caan, Angus Tasteless, (McStorytellers.com 2017) Central - Saltcoats, prose
heid caul' in the run up tae xmas day. A cannae pinpint ri exac
int ri exact day whirr it wis xmas eve ur ri day afore sin' ye t
A waant tae sit doon tae oan xmas day is turkey wi' aw ri trimm
me. A made up a marinade oan xmas eve moarnin' an' coatit ri le
As much as A fun' ri hale xmas 'hing tae be tasteless, ris y
5 matches

Robertson, Gary A Wee Dundee Xmas Poem, (Lidl 2020) Central, poetry
The true meanin o Xmas, huz been lang lost somehow
The Twelve Days o Xmas, an a partridge in a pear tre
Xmas Eve, some mulk, an a carrot f
Twelve Days o Xmas, mair like Twelve Days o Hell
Merry Xmas fae Scotland, an a Happy New
6 matches

@DavidJWood2 tweeted
main st. ??. Used tae get our Xmas stuff their when we stayed in(2020) search twitter
744016 Maybe when I’m aff at Xmas ????(2020) search twitter
n they halted the fighting on Xmas day, on the western front in (2020) search twitter

@billykayscot tweeted
at gied me the Magnifica as a Xmas praisent!(2020) search twitter

@Chazzbat tweeted
Like the turkey wha votes fer xmas(!)(2020) search twitter

@kennethbryce184 tweeted
nnReynolds aye its no real - xmas wis ok n am happy noo as isob (2020) twitter link
o presents - no family - no xmas dinner n strictly no travel o (2020) twitter link
pop a few fotaes oan oh there xmas lights - itll cheer ma isobe (2020) twitter link
t watch it - good to see the xmas spirit aint lasted long - aw (2020) twitter link
everyone can meet up at xmas n new year guys - n thats fa (2020) twitter link
and 1 other occurrences.


Blackhall, Sheena Jessie the Jumbo And other Bairn Tales in Scots, (Smashwords 2014) Doric - Aberdeen, weans
Bit Tiddles sae fu o Xmas denner, he wisna fit tae repl
“Let’s pull a Xmas cracker an gang hame” quo S
Bobbin? I saw a braw pyock o Xmas decorations AND a siller tree
, an made a secret wish ... a Xmas wish ... an syne, she sleepit
otten tae bring ye a gift fur Xmas day,” they said thegither.
9 matches

@Doric_Bananaman tweeted
gye pushed tae seek' a finer Xmas cracker. Ye can butter ma' Ja(2015) search twitter

@fittiecrooners tweeted
n on ma fit! Just in time for Xmas. Will be wackin about like a (2016) search twitter
e or is the tv nae as good at Xmas time as it used tae be? I ken(2016) search twitter
e back! Hid tae tack doon yon Xmas tree & decorations & felt a w(2018) search twitter
the bar noo as booking a'this Xmas lunches & folk coming in tae (2018) search twitter
Yon merry Xmas tae wan n'ah! Hope ye ah mana(2018) search twitter
and 5 other occurrences.


Rodger, Matt The Borth’ick Waitter, (SCOTS Corpus 2003) Southern - Roxburgh, prose
n wi. A suppone the ilka yeir Xmas concert, i the Forman Memoria
piano fur oor dancing it oor Xmas concerts, an weel A mynd it o
2 matches

@MartyMacMurtrie tweeted
tenfor Oslo, på Julaften (On Xmas Day, outside Oslo) ma daughte(2020) search twitter

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