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Fitt, Matthew Chairlie and the Chocolate Works, (Itchy Coo 2016) Lallans, prose
Ye get the best results wi weemen that are wearin exp on page 39
results ¢ 0 6 , on page 146

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Fleemin, Sandy Report on Inquiry intil the role Submission, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans, government
n thae wirds gied me thirablo results:
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McAlpine, Joan Meeting of the Parliament, (The Scottish Parliament 2019) Lallans, government
nerfundit when ye look at yon results fae the 2011 census.
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McHardy, Stuart The Wey Forrit, (Luath 2017) Lallans, prose
-hoose o Westminster, bit the results o the last election that gied
ics as muckle as these latest results. The blatts are fou o stories
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McKinlay, Kieran Walk Way to Fame, (Scots Hoose 2020) Lallans - Dunfermline, prose
et far in life cos eh ma test results they were pretty rubbish like
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Murdoch, Steve Schrödinger’s Leid?, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Doric - St Andrews, blog
aroun as fowk preferred. The results o ma darg gied oot at somewey
use or itherweys o Scots. The results surprised the GROS, for, like
piert anent Scots wi the same results returned – aince mair. The
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 149, (self-published 2006) Lallans, newspaper
sh an Ally McCoist.The survey results wis as follaes:- 1.Oor Wullie
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Donati, Colin Universal Declaration o Human Richts, (Scots Language Centre 2004) Lallans, government
l and material interests that results frae ony
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McClurg, Fernando Indytwa?, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
rue o dreid an disgust as the results startit comin in frae England
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Puchowski, James Frae Norrowa ower the faem, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
clusions we can draw frae the results.
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Widmann, Thomas The State o Denmark, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
[cairt o the results — e.g., http://www.dr.dk/ny
Here’s the results: SD 47 (+3), DFP 37 (+15), Ca
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McClurg, Fernando The Great Divide, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
aed a few days tae tak in the results frae Lord Ashcroft’s consit
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McClurg, Fernando Thon Survation poll..., (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
haund – no least acause the results o 2015, an whit follaes frae
rae Panalbase- an they aw gie results i the follaein range:
o that, even objectively guid results, wad leuk like failure. They
ons i 2012, whan a guid set o results across Scotland, comin oot wi
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 101, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
aes pyntitlie dingit doon the results pit forrit bi the commonty it
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 102, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
the Secondary section an thae results will be gien oot the middle o
es wis bang on time sae thair results can be gien oot noo. Aince aw
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@Franwella tweeted in Doric
grand in yer exams. Fan r the results thru(2011)

@FaeFoggie tweeted in Doric
@Bob55492332 I'll keep firin results here until I need to ging to (2019)

@fittiecrooners tweeted in Doric
I'm no affa pleased wee results o ma harbour pub votes! Fitti(2017)
him, shows me his virus test results! ???? https://t.co/G2BVAhMXcL(2020)

@jamieonkeys tweeted in Lallans
ye war gaun tae set furth the results o the Bella Alternative Press(2018)

@StuartPoet tweeted in Lallans
n thirsels an their grades an results growe alangside thon. Yon's s(2020)

@Chazzbat tweeted in Lallans
ed by the psoriasis treatment results. Far better than 20 year ago,(2020)

@kennethbryce184 tweeted in Lallans
n n av never seen sensational results like this - the glow aff the (2020) twitter link
OfficialCatchup thanx for the results guys (2020) twitter link

@LairnScots tweeted in Lallans
can find oot by lookin at the results fae the 2011 census: https://(2019)
an read an analysis o the results here: https://t.co/1VM8QKOsZm(2020)
anguage We'd love tae see the results! #Scots(2019)

@helenmoncrieff tweeted in Shetland
winter. Mike finds oot aboot results based agri-env initiatives, i(2019)

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