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Use in varieties of Scots

ahead Corpus occurrences Authors Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words32.4 21 42.5 14.7 72.2 67.1 23.5 0
Number of occurrences4937 5 2 3 2 0
Number of authors11 4 2 2 2

Occurrences of ahead in Corpus

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Burnett, Colin A Working Class State of Mind, (Piermont 2021 ISBN: 978-1914090158) Lallans - East Coast, prose
r ae caution. Ah dually press ahead taewards the conclusion ae th on page 55

1 matches

Thomson, Mark Bard fae thi buildin site, (Luath 2007 ISBN: 978-1906307141) Lallans - Dundee, poetry
an thi lang road ahead on page 78

1 matches

Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2021 ISBN: 978-1916117921) Lallans - Renfrew, prose
you're that desperate you go ahead an ah'll get yi in there. on page 36

1 matches

Leslie, Deborah Doric - Hale an Hairty, (Argo Publishing 2011 ISBN: 978-0954615345) Doric - Inverurie, prose
ardless. "Taurus for the week ahead: A good week for making plans on page 36
ay aboot ma life 'in the week ahead' or ony damnt wik come te aat on page 37

2 matches

Bolland, John A Chocolate Cowboy, (From Glasgow To Saturn 2008) Lallans, prose
ee warmer for the cauld night ahead - an Derek is beatin his ret
1 matches

Johnson, Laureen Moarnin Ida Kames, (Shetland For Wirds 2007) Shetland, poetry
an Hookem ahead;
1 matches

Hall, Simon W. Lamborghini: Cult o the Bull, (Brisk Northerly 2015) Orkney, blog
llish Lamborghini on the road ahead o us, oot fur a test drive. W
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Liberties (Part Two), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
cally, knocks it back an runs ahead tae ask wan ay the other boay
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Liberties (Part One), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
Joggin ahead, ah tell they two tae hing ba
1 matches

Bennett, Peter The Party ay the Year (Part One), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
selected option. No that gaun ahead wae the cunt would’ve been
1 matches

Bennett, Peter The Guru an Zander, (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
ion sharply back tae the road ahead ay me. The driver’s goat hi
1 matches

Bennett, Peter The Bothy (Part One), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
him in the stomach an surgin ahead, takin the lead.
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Rude Awakenings (Part two of two), (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
ly you won’t object if I go ahead and give Mr. McGregor a phone
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Park trife, (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
thoat ah wis gettin it? Come ahead!’ he sais. He rushes McDade
1 matches

McKillop, Roger The Staff, (McStorytellers.com 2015) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
ddin’, sae hod oan, yer way ahead o’ me! The group sucessfu
1 matches

Philips, Cally Jings, crivens, help ma Boab, it’s independence!, (McStorytellers.com 2013) Doric - Turriff, prose
cret vote on whether tae gang ahead wi’ a weddin’ ah’m gues
1 matches

Rodger, Matt The Borth’ick Waitter, (SCOTS Corpus 2003) Southern - Roxburgh, prose
kle virr, an is nou soarin on ahead o his 21 clessmates,
1 matches

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rk in da daylight, dark times ahead (2019) twitter link

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@kennethbryce184 tweeted in Lallans
on that the play offs r going ahead and hopefully they will all b (2021) twitter link
bluebell m8 if it gets the go ahead - b oan (2020) twitter link
ood to see this friendly went ahead guys - defo get a cood run o (2020) twitter link
2 amateur games lookin to go ahead shortly - nae worries m8 (2020) twitter link
g it in scotland if this goes ahead - loads of comments on this (2020) twitter link

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