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Use in varieties of Scots

aul Corpus occurrences Authors Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words163.1 30 8 417.2 0 0 11.7 661.6
Number of occurrences2477 142 0 0 1 97
Number of authors5 16 1 8

Occurrences of aul in Corpus

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Douglas, David Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Galloway, poetry
the aul'est well her asthmas chronic. on page 48

1 matches

Leslie, Deborah Doric - Alive an Kickin, (Argo Publishing 2004 ISBN: 978-0954615314) Doric - Inverurie, prose
Mak aul wirds sing wi new. on page 6
e's nae muckle putt ere." The Aul Maan leukit doon it im wi a s on page 8
o excttermi= their hairt fin aul Bennachie wis safely within t on page 9
hide the grin oan ma face fin aul Jake enquired, "An foo ir ye on page 10
s oxter an mair lines oan yer aul fizzer then I pit oan in a ea on page 12
Also on pages 13, 19, 23, 25, 27, 30, 34, 36, 38, 39, 46, 51, 54, 57, 65, 66, 69, 71, 72, 74, 75, 76, 78, 80, 81, 84, 86, 87, 88
47 matches

Douglas, Sheila Lallans 59 - Rants and Foys, (Lallans Magazine 2001) Lallans, newspaper
are apen tae aabody, young or aul, man or wumman, loon or quine on page 56

1 matches

Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2021 ISBN: 978-1916117921) Lallans - Renfrew, prose
lley. Watch where yir gaun ya aul witch, ma ma said. Shut it ya on page 66

1 matches

Leslie, Deborah Doric - Hale an Hairty, (Argo Publishing 2011 ISBN: 978-0954615345) Doric - Inverurie, prose
it Joyce. "The twins are ower aul te come wi's noo - it'll bi on page 6
r noo, an he wis haein a rare aul time tull he lookit doon an n on page 16
Ah said, lookin back doon the aul fairm track aat snakit its wy on page 19
I wis fower year aul fin you cam on the scene. An on page 20
vel, an a hoosie made oota an aul train cairrage wi pans an dis on page 21
Also on pages 34, 35, 38, 39, 41, 48, 49, 56, 60, 63, 68, 69, 74, 78, 79, 80, 90, 92, 93, 94, 96
36 matches

Hay, Gordon M. The Doric New Testament, (Gordon M Hay 2012 ISBN: 978-0957351516) Doric - Banff, prose
"Ye've heard them say i the aul days, 'Ye winna fornicate', b on page 12
e can A be seer o iss? A'm an aul mannie, an e gweedwife's gett on page 79
Noo, there wis an aul wifie ca'ed Anna, e dother o on page 83
wark, he wis aboot thirty eer aul, bein as they thocht, e sin o on page 84
oot o a new sark tae patch an aul een. Gin he dis, he'll hae ma on page 88
Also on pages 94, 95
16 matches

Shepherd, Robbie Harknin tae the braw souns, (John Benjamin 2000) Doric, newspaper
daar't tae score against the aul enemy.
Musselburgh Festival bringin aul an young alike thegither in m
etc., are static wi the same aul faces an the subsequent dwinl
3 matches

Harper, Norman Stronach: A Weekly Look at Life in the Fictional North-East Village, (The Press and Journal 2000) Doric, newspaper
"Een o Erchie's aul Army buddies," John the Barma
ss here fin I'm catchin up on aul times. Reg bides in Mancheste
2 matches

Wheeler, Leslie Brockit, the Ferm Toon Cat, (Grampian Regional Council 2000) Doric, weans
Billy wis only sivven year aul, but fit he likit daein mair
st smashin bein a sivven year aul loon!
2 matches

Blackhall, Sheena The Quarry, (Lochlands 2007) Doric, prose
Syne, fin Nava wis five year aul, a terrorist bomb at the loca
"Nesty aul bugger," Brian pit in, wi fee
2 matches

Leslie, Deborah Bittie aboot oor Doric dialect, (Doric Future 2020) Doric - Inverurie, blog
hin wird an nae as some stewy aul museum piece aat youngir folk
1 matches

Gauld, Ilene Ilene Gauld - Piper and Poet, (Doric Future 2020) Doric - Keith, poetry
bide in Alford noo. I’m an aul mairrit wifie wi twa grown up
1 matches

Ireland, Mark Wi A Facey Like Yours, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Banff, prose
e lang oot i door fan he sees aul Miss Margret takin in her sho
Callum gee’s aul miss Margret a han. She’s n
yap. Callum loved speakin to aul miss Margret. She ayewis made
3 matches

Fowler, Ross Sunday Fitba wi ma Faither, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
Sunday day morning me and my Aul-man were kicking the fitba ar
1 matches

Martin, Keiron Ma Worst Nicht Oot, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
I hid a blether wi ma aul-man and my wee brither and hi
catch-up about the fitba. Ma aul-man went aff to get himsel a
2 matches

Reynolds, Charlie Krisamas time is draa’in near, (Ullans Speakers Association 2011) Ulster - Coleraine, prose
hoart time becaase aff coorse aul Santa mann bae pyed.
1 matches

Reynolds, Charlie Tak pride in yer ain tongue, (North Antrim Speak 2009) Ulster - Coleraine, blog
e is a leevin languge an nae 'aul tongue'.
1 matches

Strachan, Shane Hoast, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric, prose
ault really. Een minute I wis aul enough tae bide at hame and l
looks so young, but still so aul-fashioned in the pictures. I
She’s ay sayin her pals are aul-farrant and frumpy. Nae her t
3 matches

Gibson, Darren Cannae Thole Ye!, (lowcountrylad.blogspot.com/ 2014) Ulster - Ards, blog
Hello aul freens. Hoo ir ye daein? This
cht cum acroass a carnaptious aul bessom that’s sae crabbit,
2 matches

Hume, David The Aldfreck Coalmining Disaster, (Ullans Magazine 2012) Ulster - Ballycarry, poetry
The aul fella telt me yin time
than thon aul boy doon the brae.
2 matches

Strachan, Shane Standing Stone, (northwordsnow.co.uk 2016) Doric, prose
roch beach, as ghostly as the aul toon itsel – the last o the
ar or so ago, maintaining the aul NATO and BT dishes on the hil
boggy grun till I get to the aul road. I say road, but it’s
a lobby press and pull oot ma aul anorak. Fae ma bedroom winda,
4 matches

Shoor Caan, Angus Tasteless, (McStorytellers.com 2017) Lallans - Saltcoats, prose
A could,” 'e says, “if ma aul' maw didnae huv ma dinner abo
1 matches

Spence, Laura Tha Thoarn Tree, (Ullans Magazine 2013) Ulster, prose
Tha aul craw sayed naethin mair an hi
apent an a sleekit, watthery aul ee gien a devilish smile.
2 matches

Occurrences on Scots Twitter

@DoricPhrases tweeted in Doric
e jape centre sent me tae the aul airmy surplus shop in George (2020)

@FaeFoggie tweeted in Doric
Fa disni like Donald Ewan and aul' Agnes? ??(2019)
watterloony @rbm1895 Totally. Aul boy roon i corner is shieldin(2020)

@OrangRuth tweeted in Ulster

@fairfaaye tweeted in Ulster

@the_gellick tweeted in Ulster
"The Republic" maist common. Aul folk still say "Free State". (2015) twitter link
(18/12) is a snattery-nebbit aul gomeral wi tha insult generat (2015) twitter link
We need mair folk spakin the aul Ulster Scots: daicent spellin (2014) twitter link
put @SnowPatrolBand intae the aul Ulster Scots... (2014) twitter link
llick (1912): the carnaptious aul gett was talk o the clachan, (2014) twitter link
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@cligeey tweeted in Doric
Fly tipping aul carpets Tarves Balgove Road n(2020)
ttish Tory wis fit for Ross's aul job watch yer back min just s(2020)
bottom o the park beside wer aul hoose(2020)
esideDon Found that vid on an aul phone loaded the toast nipped(2020)
Aye bit wild new build 12 yer aul leaked since day 1 I wid say(2020)
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@_DawnLeslie tweeted in Doric

@Franwella tweeted in Doric
o ..... or am I jist gettin’ aul’er ??(2019)

@alistairdunn tweeted in Lallans
w old ye are...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUL YIN! xx(2017)
3 Nae grass next tae ma hoose aul champion(2017)

@rosa_alba_macd tweeted in Lallans

@MarkThompStuff tweeted in Ulster

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