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Use in varieties of Scots

hecht Corpus occurrences Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words12.9 20.5 0 0 0 22.6 0
Number of occurrences2725 0 0 0 2 0
Number of authors11 10 1

Occurrences of hecht in Corpus

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Rennie, Susan The Wee Prince, (Edition Lintenfass 2017 ISBN: 978-3946190592) Lallans, prose
a wheen errors, forby, in the hecht o the wee prince: hereawa he on page 21

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Chisnall, Edward F. H. Yer Ain, The Young Yins and the Auld Yin, (Evertype 2021 ISBN: 978-1782012764) Lallans - Glasgow, poetry
gies ye, tae aw and ivery wan hecht hero in the great effort tae on page v

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Forde, Iain W D Traisur Insch (excerpt), (Fons Scotiae 2008) Lallans, prose
verra gliff intil yer poke, A hecht ye, ye's be hangit at the nei on page 9

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Forde, Iain W D Dalquharter (excerpt), (Fons Scotiae 2010 ISBN: 978-0-9559-105-6-2) Lallans, prose
te be in ma pouer ti halp ye. Hecht ti sen fur me." on page 3
"In course A hecht, Quentin," shae sayed. " Au r on page 4

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Horsbroch, Dauvit A gang-roond oor Sun Grid, (Scots Language Centre 2020) Lallans, blog
yed Maat Mons at five mile in hecht. The fact that progs haes det
n an gauin o the seasons, the hecht an dwyne o the Moon an the Su
is raised in pairts 6 mile in hecht abuin the lave o the landscap
eidth an rises tae 17 mile in hecht at its peen. Acause the'r nae
, steive ice that's a mile in hecht. Awthegither, Plutock is a fa
5 matches

Fleemin, Sandy Report on Inquiry intil the role Submission, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans - East Lothian, government
fricht, hauchty, haugh, hech, hecht, hoch, lauch, leuch, licht, l
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Forde, Iain W D Hale Ir Sindries - Buik Twa, (Fons Scotiae 2000) Lallans, prose
t the en o the brig. John hed hecht hiz guidwyfe ti caw cannie th
thair uillie reik, the fauss hecht o wirk
him awaw frae ill. Als, A hae hecht ti byde heir fur hiz retour,
illane hauddit ti hiz wird an hecht at the preisonar wuid be set
wuidna brak hir hecht ti byde ben Tornes, he gantit
7 matches

Vettese, Raymond Lallans 59 - Raymond Vettese : nineteen poems, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans - Montrose, poetry
They mebbe look frae the hecht and see me
1 matches

Muir, Glenn Ozsome, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Linlithgow, prose
As the balloon rapidly gained hecht, the Wicked Witch o The East
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Donati, Colin Universal Declaration o Human Richts, (Scots Language Centre 2004) Lallans, government
Member States hes gien their hecht tae win, in compluterance wi
ce for the ful kenning o this hecht,
2 matches

Ewen, Allan Pairt Ane: Janus leuks back, (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
tae brak the Na campaign’s hecht o mair devolution by linkin i
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Ewen, Allan Murphy’s Law, (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
micht turn oot tae be a tuim hecht gin he’s nae boun tae see t
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Eunson, Catherine Freude, (The Scores 2020) Lallans, poetry
It wis the hecht o simmer, lang efter bindins
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Rodger, Matt The Borth’ick Waitter, (SCOTS Corpus 2003) Southern - Roxburgh, prose
ng, “Ay, Tom hes keepit the hecht at hei gaed his
wp, an grip ticht til Gud’s hecht til uz i (Mattha. 16:18); wha
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