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Use in varieties of Scots

Dialect map - Usage over time
nebbit Corpus occurrences Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words4.5 4.9 0 18.6 0 0 13.1
Number of occurrences85 0 1 0 0 2
Number of authors7 4 1 2

Occurrences of nebbit in Corpus

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Farrow, Kenneth D. Lallans 81 - Editorial, (Lallans Magazine 2012) Lallans - Prestwick, newspaper
ie wey, hou ill-likit an lang-nebbit fowk aye gets thair fairin i on page 5

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Horsbroch, Dauvit Scots Warks - Uphaud an guidance for screivars, (Scots Language Centre 2015) Lallans, government
s speakers haes skeel o narra-nebbit treatment in ilkaday settings on page 6

1 matches

Horsbroch, Dauvit A gang-roond oor Sun Grid, (Scots Language Centre 2020) Lallans, blog
a happing o stour wi the lang-nebbit name o nanophase ferric oxide
1 matches

Rennie, Susan The Hoose o Haivers, (Itchy Coo 2002 ISBN: 978-1902927442) Lallans, weans
hips – wis thrang wi bronze-nebbit warships insteid.
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Durie, Nick The Best o the Baith o Thaim, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
the sectarian anes, the narra nebbit anes, the knabbie anes – th
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@peediepuss tweeted
er @julianbrans @snettsbirder Nebbit Moose(2020) search twitter


Bennett, Hazel Tha Near Cut, (Ullans Magazine 2001) Ulster, prose
. Hit wisnae at the wur narra nebbit agin a bodie at dug wi tha ti
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@the_gellick tweeted
an Pitt (18/12) is a snattery-nebbit aul gomeral wi tha insult gen (2015) twitter link

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