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Use in varieties of Scots

Dialect map - Usage over time
neer Corpus occurrences Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words13.4 14.6 21.1 0 0 0 6.5
Number of occurrences2415 8 0 0 0 1
Number of authors9 3 5 1

Occurrences of neer in Corpus

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McHardy, Stuart The Wey Forrit, (Luath 2017 ISBN: 978-1912147014) Lallans, prose
ion fae the media an we shuid neer forget thon. We shuid be awar on page 10
profit an pouer. An we shuid neer forget that in the case o the on page 21
n things: the capitalist wey. Neer mind that the ae organisation on page 37
eep boadie an sow! thegither, neer mind feed a faimlie or buy a on page 53
isely the pynt o Tory policy. Neer mind that we dinnae hae the O on page 81
Also on pages 116, 121, 128
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ations o the merk pouers frae Neer tae Hogmanay. An gin thay are(2020) search twitter
..and where I am by the coast neer without a good wind.(2020) search twitter

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@stevie27boyo @elcourier a neer forgot theres gonna b an ice (2021) twitter link
oh a neer forgot - happy new year tae (2021) twitter link


Hay, Gordon M. The Doric New Testament, (Gordon M Hay 2012 ISBN: 978-0957351516) Doric - Banff, prose
zent?" An there wis twa ither neer-de-weels led oot wi him tae b on page 119

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t. He struggles ti run a bath neer mind onyhin else) ht(2019) search twitter
@fermerdavie Neer tried at. Sounds affa guid(2019) search twitter

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a running commentary masel. A neer spat a lung up over the 6 goa(2020) search twitter

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A'm sayin nithin'. I kin gye neer see the Aiberdeen border fae (2019) search twitter

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archaeology'.. Their lives'll neer be the same! (2020) twitter link


Campbell, Robert Lock Doon Poyams, (Independently 2021 ISBN: 979-8742155812) Ulster, poetry
Slightest glimpse frae neer tha tap, on page 30

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