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Ulster - BUL Aucht tae his mither an fether.
Doric - MNA Aucht days on cam e time for him ta
Central - SEC aucht, Bacchic, blichan, bocht, bri
Ulster - SYN d yer dwellin-place be in tha aucht o yer hoosehaud or wud it be
Ulster - SYN onie motors or vans is in tha aucht o, or lowse fur uisin bae, bo
Central - LAL Nor in romantic words said aucht
Central - SEC ris to the sculis fra thai be aucht or nyne yeiris of age.....And
Central - LAL t tae sing the praises ye are aucht.
Central - SEC er aa, five hunner Tories are aucht hauf the land in Scotland. Th
Central - AYR "I whase aucht is aa this corn, guid fowk?"
Central - LAL ane o its skyriest sperks. We aucht muckle thenk tae George Campb
Central - SEC an plaunt thair schaws, thai aucht a skair o
Ulster - SYN In aucht richt oot
Ulster - SYN In aucht unnèr a bond or a lenn
Central - LAL l, is the deifficulty o daein aucht aboot hoo fowk spick in their
Central - LAL ntae masel and mair forby gin aucht but deith thou and me pairt
Central - LAL in the Auld Testament (‘gin aucht but deith thou and me pairt
Ulster - SYN s tha dwellin-place, ether in aucht richt-oot or pairt sets, or b
Ulster - SYN tha dwellin-place, ayther in aucht richt-oot or pairt sets, or b
Central - NEC likely tae hae anither bairn aucht them gin they’re feedin fae
Central - WCE iterarie feigur, an thon's no aucht ti be lichtlied.
Central - EDN n in the samen wey wes in hir aucht.
Central - SEC "An wha's aucht you then?"
Southern - WCE Auld Sammie's saicrets in his aucht.
Central - LAL e of my saide wife of that at aucht of richt and of lauch perteig
Ulster - SYN rt awns an pairt sets (twinit aucht)
Central - LAL sometimes had tae be haultit aucht tae mair doulsome mindins. Th
Doric - MNA Aboot aucht days efter he said iss, he te