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Doric - MNA Nurse Emmett arrived in the mornin,
Doric nurse. " You ken I'm a dab hand wi
Doric - MNA Nurse Mackenzie bathed her patient'
Doric - MNAhift an teen haun ower fae a #nurse fa wis caad Annette Curtain,
Doric - MNA ill tae move, twa war hired, Nurse Emmett an Nurse Mackenzie. Nu
Doric - MNA he oors. Midnicht wis passed, Nurse Mackenzie wis doverin ower he
Ulster - CUL er waak!' 'Comin in a minute, nurse! But A hae tae waatch this mo
Doric - MNA ie raise an turned tae leave, Nurse Mackenzie grabbit the back o
Shetland - SHD walk!' 'A'll be wi you eenoo, nurse! But I hae ta keep me eye apo
Southern - SEA er walk!' 'Comin in a meenit, nurse! But Ah've got tae watch this
Doric - MNA Emmett an Nurse Mackenzie. Nurse Mackenzie tuik the nicht shif
Doric - MNA room offerin tae let her in. Nurse Mackenzie lay in a neuk in a
Doric - MNA seemed tae be growin better. Nurse Mackenzie cam back on duty on
Lallans - GLA A nurse walks intae the room and gest
Doric - MNA i Lanka tae merrie Lakshmi, a nurse, an tae stert a faimily. Syne
Lallans - SEC reath as ah enter the ward. A nurse is sittin behind a desk at a
Lallans - LAL or. The lines start dancin. A nurse rushes intae ma room.
Lallans - LAL Ah look up. A nurse is spoon-feedin one o the old
Lallans - EDN s thegither in front o her. A nurse rushed up, then realised whit
Shetland - SHD d nae time eftir I left wi da nurse haddin her hand. Da nurse's n
Lallans - GLA n a hospital. It opens, and a nurse hauns me a surgical mask. She
Lallans - LALt. Got the third degree fae a nurse. Noo Ah'm waitin on an actual
Lallans - LAL haed nae sillar tae gie tae a nurse. Them that needed ma granny w
Lallans - GLA un’ae pass ma case oantae a nurse, and they’ll take it fae th
Lallans - EDN til thair bed be a nurse?” Bill waitit for somebody
Lallans - EDN e he wis pit til his bed be a nurse? Quha haesna been pit
Lallans - LAL Highers so ah could become a nurse.
Lallans - GLA ave the bog game and become a nurse when this is ower.
Lallans - GLA ice cold water and tells me a nurse will be in at hur back—aw t
Lallans - EDN ril didna say naethin. Whan a nurse cam tae tak thaim tae the war
Lallans - LAL Ma sights are set oan bein a nurse.
Doric jist wait an see. Fin a nurse pit some draps intae his e'e
Doric n ward seven. She wis askin a nurse fit wye tae get
Lallans - LAL sney's a dream, but becomin a nurse is a bigger one, and it's mai
Ulster - SYN umin oot a schuilmaister or a nurse.
Lallans - GLA before ah’m oan hold fur a nurse. Ah tap ma nails against the
Lallans - WCE everythin aw cause her ma's a nurse there. Yi know, said Nicola,
Doric - MNA rkit at her Da's surgery as a nurse an wis richt gled Nava cud di
Doric - MNA doon at the Fir Widdie wis a nurse in the toon. She caad it 'rig
Southern - WCE 84-5 tae become a psychiatric nurse. His wark appears regularly i
Lallans - GLA oks good to us,” the second nurse says. “Can you please retur
Doric - MNA leaves the mistress free tae nurse him in ither wyes.'
Southern - SEA e is sic a nice saft hing tae nurse-an she's sic a teesh yin fur
Ulster - CUL shae's a quare saft thing tae nurse-an shae's that guid at catchi
Doric - MNA ike thon. He'd niver haen tae nurse onybody afore. There'd be lif
Lallans - EDN weill an Rongye had went tae nurse her.
Doric best tae keep calm fin, a wee nurse in a affa hurry
Lallans - EDN The nurse tane her haun an pattit it.
Lallans - LAL The nurse gaed ben the hoose yince mair
Lallans - LAL The nurse spiered, 'Weel, is yer mither
Lallans - WCE The nurse takes us tae a seating area w
Lallans - LAL The nurse gied him a swippert look. She
Lallans - EDN The nurse noddit slawly. “Ok, we’ll
Lallans - LAL The nurse saw that this could last oot
Orkney - ORK "The nurse's wir on aboot the funny smel
Lallans - LAL 'Weel,' the nurse answert, 'she'll last twa day
Doric - MNA hrapple… wi ae breenge, the nurse wis aside her. The quinie rai
Lallans - LAL limmin up on tae a chair, the nurse liftit the drape that hung at
Doric - MNA n an ooto the room itsel. The nurse arranged the medicine bottle
Doric gey near cawin her ower. The nurse wis fer
Lallans - LAL ve jist got a bad throat. The nurse said it's ma tonsils.'
Doric - MNA in a wide brimmed bunnet. The nurse pit oot her haun tae touch th
Doric - MNA the veesitor. He ordered the nurse tae let naebody in, tae snib
Doric sage an turn richt", said the nurse.
Lallans - LAL Sae the nurse begun tae speak, claikin on w
Lallans - EDN but gie her my love" tae the nurse. She said, "What name will I
Lallans - WCE real. Want me tae go tae the nurse with yi, said Harpreet. Naw,
Lallans - WCE ir sick yi huv tae go tae the nurse an they gie yi milk ae magnes
Lallans - WCE she had tae get sent tae the nurse cause she went an puked up aw
Lallans - WCE n the rear view mirror wi the nurse holding her in place. "Ah’m
Lallans - WCE time tae leave. Ah signal the nurse who takes Evelynn ower tae th
Doric tae ward seven. Weel the nurse wis tryin desperately tae mak
Doric - MNA n. An Ah grat an grat fin the nurse cam te tak her awa, leavin ma
Lallans - WCE dhill made me lie doon in the nurse’s office an ah missed fifth
Lallans - WCE dhill made me lie doon in the nurse's office an ah missed fifth p
Doric - MNA the bairnie luikit up in the nurse's face…The smile afore her
Lallans - WCE ncy spendin three oors in the nurse’s office. In that three oor
Lallans - LAL rs a voice. 'Elsie, go to the nurse's offce.'
Lallans - WCE or real. Want me to go to the nurse with you, said Harpreet. Naw,
Lallans - LAL as the nurse wis aboot tae walk awa, and a
Lallans - LAL . She comes over and says the nurse is gaun tae try and move us i
Lallans - GLA the main ward, noddin at the nurse who’s sittin at the desk fu
Lallans - WCE ld! Somebody gang and get the nurse at wanst.' Three weans ran oo
Doric - MNA his broo wi a damp cloot the nurse gave her. The blood fever wiz
Southern - SEAd was force-fed Calpol by the nurse. ???? https://t.co/fn5VHFm7Sb
Lallans - GLA “Thank you!” the nurse says.
Lallans - GLA hospital, Miss McGee?” the nurse asks.
Doric - MNA far ower seek tae spikk…The nurse dowpit doon bi the fire an re
Doric - MNA id tae be taen tae the schule nurse tae hae
Doric - MNAHospital, aboot Doric spiking nurse https://t.co/zvnOJi7q2q https
Doric - MNA Ah nurse the wee black bookie against
Lallans - GLA course. I’ll leave you with Nurse Callaghan over there. She’l
Lallans - WCE The schui nurse, followed by five teachers, t
Ulster - SYN r (OFFICE CLEANER), destrick nurse (DISTRICT NURSE), schuil mais
Ulster - CUL "Here! Yae can nurse it a while, if yae lik!" the
Southern - SEA "Here! Ee can nurse eet a bit, if ee lik!" th Duc
Lallans - LAL ied a ‘community midwife an nurse’. She didnae hae a certific
Lallans - GLA er ma usual hauf an a hauf an nurse them fur a while, passively f
Lallans - DUN wounded treh an nurse
Lallans - EDN shed inside an fund a Tibetan nurse that she kent she cud lippen
Doric - MNA en fixed wide in fricht…Fin Nurse Mackenzie recovered her sense
Lallans - LALece wha is a very hard workin nurse says she couldnae gie a shiny
Lallans - EDN e tae spick tae a parteecular nurse on the ward - there wis a co
Lallans - GLA filled wi machinery. Another nurse is in at hur back. This is cl
Lallans - LALtions he wis askin me tae his nurse, an he objectit tae ma "tone"
Lallans - EDN “Raggle is jealous o his nurse,” Hsien telt Bill casually.
Doric - MNA as a photie o the bairn, that Nurse Mackenzie swore she hid seen
Ulster - SYN (DISTRICT NURSE), schuil maister o furst-heic
Doric - MNA ye'v an erse like a district nurse."
Orkney - ORK he handbrake aff the district nurse's car.
Lallans - WCE ne enubdy wantin tae be a nit nurse.
Lallans - WCE e them. Ah mind Nancy the nit nurse fae primary school she used t
Lallans - GLA e X-ray machine?” the first nurse says, gesturin tae a grey bla
Lallans - WCE the door by an awfully smiley nurse, who takes Evelynn’s arm an
Doric - MNADoric spiking Aberdonian army nurse: Christmas at Erskine https:/
Doric - MNADoric spiking Aberdonian army nurse - read 1st chapter for free
Doric - MNAt story about Aberdonian army nurse Read opening pages free at ht
Doric - MNAAh wis an airmy nurse, shall ah pop roon wi a banda
Lallans - WCE as the cleaner, the auxiliary nurse, an the superviser ae the sch
Doric - MNA ae much as a hello ooto her…Nurse Mackenzie hidnae heard her ca