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Doric - DOR quine. She pinted oot that if he bo
Doric - ABN Quine O '59
Doric - MNA Quine wis the auld Scots wirdie fur
Central - LAL quine? Think on aa the luvers we fa
Doric - DOR Speered i'quine fit she wintit tae be
Doric - DOR by stealin i'quine o' his funcy
Doric - DORennox ? Yer doo's aye peckin' Quine?
Doric - MNA@NatalieAHood Amazin' Quine!
Doric - MNA inna mind her ower muckle ma, quine, her bark's waar norr her bit
Central - LAL Mary Fleming: But he's awa, quine,
Doric - DOR wid be prood fitever ye dee, quine.
Doric - MNA ared the plate. “Michty me, quine, but ye must've been stairved
Doric - MNAQuine, quine, fit’s wrang? Ah’ve bocht y
Doric - MNAQuine, quine, quine, aire is nae wye aat ah’m gy
Doric - MNAQuine, quine, quine - aat’s jis an accident wyt
Central - LALP @mackieHT I sall. Tak care, quine. Sleep weel.
Doric - DOR Aye, quine, I ken it richt eneuch, she s
Doric - MNA s wi him tee." "Deil e linth, quine," he says, "A dinna ken him."
Doric - DOR be comin hame again next wik, quine
Doric - MNA "Dinna you fash yersel, quine," said Jack, disappearin oot
Doric - MNA ssers dirl. "Damn ye te hell, quine!"
Doric - MNA "You tell im, quine! He's ruled the roost fir owe
Central - LAL Ye're steppin ti your doom, quine.
Doric - MNA 'd bi better aff oan yer ain, quine," said Rosie. "Since Ah gat s
Doric - MNA , Ay! Fit like? Foo ye deein, quine?"
Doric - DOR A blended whisky will do, quine, bit a malt is better, ye ken
Central - LALe First Minister" in yer bio, quine! It's like a socialist republ
Doric - DORNicolaSturgeon Jist a number, Quine. It's nae sair. Honest.
Central - LAL Spick nae mair, quine.
Doric - MNA er ease, “In yer ain words, quine, niver mind the pan loaf cair
Doric - MNA on immortality...Corinthians, quine, chapter abe verse fiftythree
Doric - MNA "Hiv ye ony chips, quine?"
Central - LAL But we're helpless, quine, helpless.
Doric - DOR lmichty bless ye aa yer days, quine; ye've been a richt gweed dot
Doric - MNA “I'm pitten in the bullet, quine!”
Doric - MNA be gyan tae the kirkyard yet, quine?”
Central - LAL@GallusEffie Lovely... Night, Quine.
Central - LAL Mary Beaton: Dinna greit, quine. It bracks oor herts.
Central - LALidan Ach, it's weil deservit, quine!
Doric - MNA "Tut, quine. That's nae wye ti speak aboo
Central - LAL@IshbelMcF Fair braw, quine!
Doric - MNA the Culture-unit an the heid-quine o Sector 8 tae lat Jed oot fu
Doric - DOR raelly ye shid hae a chaamer-quine!"
Doric - MNArdie A wid use, aye. The loon/Quine in the pic wid visit the gair
Doric - DOR@johnnydee72 Quine div'nt Ye want tae gaen, back
Doric - MNAA quine, fitiver neist! #DoctorWho13
Doric - DOR A quine wi' kaleidoscope een.
Doric - DOR She's i1' kine o' a quine
Doric - MNADoctor Fa a quine, niver!
Doric - MNA bonnie. The Mathiesons hid a quine, Jessie fa'd drooned hersel i
Doric - ABN e’d haen a phone-caal fae a quine at bade across the street tae
Doric - MNA time o nicht an nivver fae a quine.
Doric - ABNndyWood Correct. Yon’s nae a quine. Yon’s a loon.
Doric - DOR this woman, for she’s nae a quine, will walk briskly doon tae t
Doric - DORnkie, awfa ironic last time a Quine ca'ad Mary wiz involved in a
Doric - DOR The Wee Sea Quine
Doric - DOR The wee sea quine daunced afore the hale coort
Doric - DOR The wee sea quine ettled tae be blythe fur him,
Doric - DOR The wee sea quine returned tae her sisters in t
Doric - DOR The wee sea quine haived the knife awa frae her
Doric - DOR nife in her haun, the wee sea quine luikit doon at the prince and
Doric - DOR chts wir smoored. The wee sea quine stood bi the boatie's rail. V
Doric - DOR na spik?" spiered the wee sea quine.
Doric - DOR tae dee," thocht the wee sea quine.
Doric - DOR " chittered the brave wee sea quine. And sae it wis deen. The Sea
Doric - DOR ve o a human," maened the sea quine. "Bit I canna bide in their w
Doric - MNA ally. An Neil wintit forbye a quine tae enterteen veesitin client
Doric - MNA it it ma freen. She's an affa quine bit Ah widna chynge a singil
Doric - MNA. She wis trained bi a Glesga quine, sae noo I’m teaching her Th
Doric - MNA@Branson1873 Ooocha quine affa fine.
Doric - MNAd @feelbugger I wint oot wi a quine fae Torry. Didni work oot but
Doric - MNAe I wis at Torry Battery wi a quine she teen a full dinner set wi
Doric - MNA , faith ye cudna be easy wi a quine fa's faither cud takk the mea
Doric - MNA owe the papers te git masel a quine. Div ye nae think it leuks a
Doric - DOR Ma quine says she's trevellin on i' ee
Doric - MNAMa quine wants a new iron, whilk aen s
Doric - SNO ma quine
Doric - DOR Ma quine gets fair annoyed if ye say s
Doric - DOR Ma quine's got fitba tickets an is gan
Doric - MNA ter. An he said till her, "Ma quine, yer faith his made ye aa bet
Doric - MNA "Weel, ma quine - wumman te wumman, like." R
Doric - DOR 'A drap o rain, ma quine,' said faither. 'Fin Morven's
Doric - MNA her han an said, "Get up, ma quine," an her speerit cam till her
Doric - MNA “Yer waakened ma quine? I hope ye got a gweed sleep
Doric - DORaimeeannenaylor fit's adee ma quine? :( x
Doric - DORin a right good blether we ma quine :)
Doric - MNAAh wish ma quine wud get the feather duster oo
Doric - DOR If I needed sun tan ma quine
Doric - MNAAh lo'e it fin ma quine guans aff wi her freen an lea
Doric - MNA “Here noo ma quine. Get some o that doon ye!”
Doric - DOR reen I said these words to ma quine
Doric - MNAeat that’s big eneuch fur ma quine’s erse! https://t.co/gaR0pbI
Doric - DOR An I am hers, an she's ma quine
Doric - DOR@aimeeannenaylor That's ma quine :-)
Doric - DUNHaud gaun wi the Scots ma quine - practice maks it easier. h
Doric - MNAShid a treat ma quine tae a new kitchie cooker? htt
Doric - MNAm nae siccar yon new diet ma quine has me deein is ony guid! htt
Doric - MNAe gaur up fur it ah bought ma quine a new CD! https://t.co/ylDMqT
Doric - DOR Bit nixt tae fit ma quine gies me
Central - SEC An a quine girns 'I'm nae ettin ingins
Doric - MNA hook her heed sayin, “Na na quine we aa maun needs tae let thin
Doric - DOReith @GerryinAberdeen A ken a quine fae Huntly fa clipped a lads
Doric - DOR it that aa’na. Liked bein a quine wi a name that could be baith
Doric - MNA kk, bit tae spenn siller on a quine's education wad hae bin conse
Ulster - GUL e muckle dunt cud ye pit on a quine.
Doric - MNA airted bird tae takk care o a quine like me. if ye still will hae
Doric - DOR She's no a quine 'at misses much
Doric - DOR@EmzForzz Eye broos o a quine
Doric - MNA t Jimmy - the best brither a quine cud ivver hiv wished fir."
Doric - DOR aye, it wis a sair life for a quine back in the time o war but it
Doric - DORamichmusic Was it a loon or a Quine?
Doric - DOR Min, ye've bin an orra quine, drappin yer knickers doon.
Doric - DORe her a pass jist cos she's a Quine ken. The boyz are defo nae in
Doric - MNA aet a scubby horse. Here's a quine comin wi a tray noo." Muggie'
Doric - MNAIt's a quine!
Doric - DORouiseNicol1 seriously fit's a quine tae de???
Doric - DOR criticism is just cos it's a Quine. I gee the loons an honest ri
Doric - ABN n aafu important lesson. As a quine fa haes growen up in the kint
Doric - DUNeps there, mine. Faan A wis a quine... https://t.co/zhpgHzk7Pg
Doric - MNA Fan she wis a quine she watched,
Doric - DOR@lornmac88 @BiffyClyro "ers a quine, ers a quine. An she's doon b
Doric - DORe yiv deen nae three bad at a quine :)
Doric - ABN ypes sic as the belief that a quine belangs in the kitchen, an th
Doric - ABN@thebeatcroft Oh I ken. Fit a quine and sublime voice.
Doric - DOR I ance kent a quine
Doric - MNA the playgrun. A story aboot a quine an twa demons – d'ye ken th
Central - DUN she tellt me a story aboot a quine searchin fur her lost dug in
Doric - MNA akk. Bit then, she wis jist a quine an wad likely get merriet: a
Doric - DOR There’s nae mony a quine cawd Chris, but it’s a name
Doric - SNO she’s seen mony a quine,
Doric - DOR@Sandi_Thom Neigh bad Quine, whaurs yer riding helmet?
Doric - MNA oot. Syne he’d say “Gweed quine” an turn her ower an listen
Doric - DOR I wint a short haired quine fa sometimes wears it twice a
Doric - DORrd No face secretions allowed Quine
Doric - MNAoyfriend: ye had a richt guid quine aire bit ye behaved like a fe
Central - LAL n up there in space, the auld quine couldna speak.
Central - LAL ae surprise him that the auld quine wis stickin up through the ro
Doric - MNA@watterloony ...and Quine!
Doric - DORy’s......she’s an awfa kind Quine. #KeepersBaw
Doric - DOR@johnnydee72 n'iver mind Quine, I'll pit Ye in a headlock if
Doric - MNA@RachCromack ???????? Good quine
Doric - DORit i've a feelin she's a good quine!
Doric - ABN Ae quine vyced her opinion online that
Doric els in ower this stramash. Ae quine in Edinburgh (fa wes “worki
Doric - DOR@ScottishJill Dinnae Quine, belly’s grumlin at the thoc
Doric - MNA a deil mair nur yon, that nae quine's lugs hid iver heard afore.
Doric - MNAFin yer spikkin tae quine or loon fa's nae blessed wi D
Doric - ABN y is a cause of cancer.” Ae quine wisna too impressed wi this i
Doric - DORsSoutar @judmoo funcy a dunce Quine? Thon squirrel dunce is a bel
Doric - MNA wis a fernietickled weel-made quine, eleyven year auld, wi thick
Doric - MNA ither side o the easle, a wee quine wis peintin a muckle blue sot
Doric - ABN esprit, an greetin like a wee quine, an Ah kent fine fit wis in s
Doric - DOR Snore, ma wee quine, dinna greet
Doric - DORatively I reckn there's a wee quine we a pink trilby hat that'd j
Doric - MNA s best frien. She wis a wee quine fa bedd neist door, ah she hi
Doric - MNA Gracie Girn wis a wee quine wi the physog o an angel, bit
Doric - MNA glaikit sumph fa'd let a wee quine dee. Fur sae mony years he'd
Doric - ABN by a wee quine
Doric - MNA laidder,da?' speired the wee quine, fair teen wi the thocht o th
Doric hers keen tae unlearn the wee quine her native Buchan dialect. Fa
Doric - MNA Gracie I hope,” quo the wee quine. “Och she’d jist bladd aa
Doric - MNA me-time,” Ross telt the wee quine.
Central - SEC e'r ane whaur ye see this wee quine gittin inti a car an adjustin
Doric - DORtishJill Long as you’re safe Quine x
Doric - DORshJill @joom_com Glad ur safe Quine
Doric - DOR@iluvfilms Stay safe Quine ??
Central - LALo the Year and thon Iona Fyfe quine for Performer o the Year whil
Doric - MNA The quine quatened doon as her mither s
Doric - MNA The quine devauled a whylie, tae lug-in
Doric - MNA The quine shook her heed at this. “Le
Doric - MNAThe quine has gotten me on a diet - ah
Doric - MNAFFS! The quine said we wis anely gyan tae sh
Doric - MNA "Oh!" The quine's face wis a picter es she wh
Doric - MNA 'I dinna,' the quine cried, turnin reid-faced, hop
Doric - MNA n, as aften as no it did, the quine wid taen a tig o gaun inno th
Doric - MNAOch, the quine is nivver saired noo she want
Central - LAL But naw, the quine's no feenished yit.
Doric - MNAPray fur me - the quine is ettlin oot anither recipe
Doric - MNA hae a deek at ess film. The quine spikkin visited us at Banff A
Doric - MNA made up that day's wages. The quine teen them and picked up a ste
Doric - MNA e gaed throw the motions. The quine wis weel-groomed, hoosed, cle
Doric - MNA ou have in mind?" speered the quine ahin the coonter.
Doric - MNA aawye fir ye." He shoved the quine aff is knee es Joyce cam ower
Doric - DOR . Jonsar peyed the quine an went awa tae dee
Doric - MNA se are all we have," said the quine, pullin oot a puckle cairds a
Doric - MNASae ah spiked tae the quine aat ah’m richt fed up aetin
Doric - DOR greedy) he said tae the quine. Jonsar peyed the quine an we
Doric - MNA ur it didna seem real tae the quine that she'd niver see da again
Doric - MNA thon, an led Alec up tae the quine's room, tae the left o the la
Doric - MNA ? Fur maist o the service the quine sat reeted tae the pew, wytin
Doric - MNA led up in, ye cudna blame the quine fur sikkin tae rug hersel oot
Doric - ABN ill. Weel, fa could blame the quine? She mairriet Jeems Buchan fa
Doric - MNA sen ma advert stracht te the quine ma dreams."
Central - LALeglen207 I honestly think the quine is nae weel. She certainly se
Doric - ABN tae draa intae hersel; an the quine that hid aye been laachin an
Doric - MNAAh gid aa yon wye an the quine didnae raise her heid oot i'
Doric - MNAn ma wifie? Ah hivna seen the quine sin ah wrote those posts!
Doric - MNA temint rin up is back fin the quine's saft skin brushed against i
Central - DUN , the wey they are biggin the quine up micht see her bein offerit
Doric - MNA t an fuspered somethin in the quine's lug.
Doric - MNA lit bumbee zigzagged roon the quine's hudderie heid, an nae twa y
Doric - MNA et haudin back, seein foo the quine grat sae sair.
Doric - MNAFa's the quine fit plays Hestor in @BBCTheAr
Doric - MNA bouncing aff an in comes the quine an starts vacuuming an swallo
Doric - MNA e kinna orangey colour es the quine's; er een war ringed like a p
Doric - DOR Chris the quine wi a loonie’s name.
Central - LAL 'Jist look at the quine noo!'
Doric - MNAng affa thin on this diet the quine has me on!
Doric - MNAe aat Crathes Castle, bit the quine presenter said aat they dinna
Doric - MNA ogmanay meant little. Bit the quine kent fine that nae suner wad
Doric - MNA e'r sayin?" Ina smiled it the quine ahin the coonter.
Doric - MNA nnie, leukin enviously it the quine.
Doric - ABN wise a nicht. An fat gart the quine dee something aboot it at lai
Doric - MNA “Gracie quine, fitiver’s adee noo?” spe
Doric - ABN – bi this pynt the couthie quine wis a naitural at daein this.
Central - LAL yer days? Ye're sic a bonnie quine, I willnae get shot o ye efte
Doric - MNAan ma bride is a richt bonnie quine! https://t.co/hLVcoHuyEd
Doric - DOR Bonnie Bunty, shoppie quine.
Doric - MNA watter, she wis sic a cheerie quine.)
Doric - DORribe myself as an ‘Inverurie quine’ in ma ain Twitter bio. In t
Central - DUN he price o a weel-fed, sonsie quine,
Doric - DOR@STVLouise Fit like quine?
Doric - MNAAlly @JoannaKopaczyk Fit like Quine! I'm noo tempted to ging oot
Doric - DOR@patsy_kensit fit like Quine, a'hm an awfa big fan o' ye.
Doric - DOR, aye @Marthalanefox fit like Quine, cheers muckly fir the cheeky
Doric - MNAAh’ll waak ye doon the aisle quine - bit anely if ye hurl in a
Doric - DORrMDempster Soons richt tae me quine.
Doric - MNA taanin there an wi a “Ae me quine sit yersel doon, ye look exha
Doric - MNA@NatalieAHood Onytime quine. Ats a proper talent yiv got.
Central - SEC em't juist aboot tae wad some quine,
Doric - DORmuchly.......I am indeed some quine....nae woman!
Doric - MNAte doon Union Street and some Quine run awa Fae a wasp. I just ke
Doric - MNA o Scots, the tale o an ugsome quine fa cudna fin ony chiel tae me
Doric - DOR@DoricPhrases she's some quine ah't Kim. Weel deen Scotland!
Doric - DOR1973 Year of the Flood for me Quine ??
Doric - MNAet. She wis great. Sic a fine quine.
Doric - MNAAye, weel done quine! Teen fae behind the lichthoo
Doric - MNA@Ali_Leith Weel done quine https://t.co/tCyjcIL3Kc
Central - LAL@ashleystorrie Well done quine. I have been worried about yo
Doric - DORIf there's a bonnier NE Quine than thon @STVRCurran then I'
Doric - DOR@AilishSinclair Get weel syne Quine
Doric - MNAFit a rare Quine. Love this. https://t.co/lq1B
Doric - DOR a hunner Jaffa's? Fit a rare quine I mairit. https://t.co/vrafZ6
Doric - MNAdeenQuine Yer nae wrang there quine.
Doric - DORk yiv covered aa e bases ayre quine
Doric - DOR@cdancer108 aye Quine foo's yer doo's? Aye peckin'?
Doric - DOR@Sandi_Thom @K9Magazine aye Quine, the doag's ba's indeed!
Doric - DORAye aye Quine, @Sandi_Thom a've hid a wee w
Doric - DORhnnydee72 @Roxywells3 aye aye Quine, taco ye cry? Nae a puckly to
Doric - DOR@STVRCurran aye Quine, amidst e' thooosunds o' fowk
Doric - DOR he wis the sea's dother, hauf quine, hauf fish, nae sib tae the p
Doric - MNA a bairn ferlies.... Yer a big quine noo, sister, ye winna be need
Doric - DOR@ScottishJill Morning Quine, hae a guid wan!
Doric - MNAThanks for trying quine. xxx https://t.co/Gy7c3bfqAU
Doric - MNA v bin better suitit t'a young quine.
Doric - MNA cud bind it, a young quine nae man body'd haunlit. An Ta
Doric - MNA reth in Galilee, till a young quine, linkin wi a chiel ca'ed Jose
Doric - MNA tan up an rin oot fin a young quine wi an orange face an a fite c
Doric - MNA be richt an fittin. The young quine ruggit her dallie ooto her sk
Doric - MNAts Language Award. This young quine's phonetic Doric conjours up
Doric - MNA@Shanny_Watson1 Naah quine. I'm i same. https://t.co/CQH
Doric - DOR Ach quine, ye ken fit wie, ye see
Doric - MNA "Ah canna believe at a roch quine like Rhoda wid eyn up bidin i
Doric - MNAAUTIFULMUMSIE thanks sae much quine fur yer kind wirdies, hope ye
Doric - MNA ent, Chantelle's a fine enuch quine, he thocht, giein his best at
Doric - DOR Oh quine, ye ken I'm doon (I'm really
Doric - DORGuid tae hear thon Welsh Quine Clara pumpin’ the #crimbo tu
Doric - DOR@originalfm Whau's thon Welsh Quine Spikkin oan the wireless a' d
Doric - MNAing funnier than an Engerlush quine repeating a #Doric wirdie an
Doric - MNArase Fa Kent tae an Engurlush quine an they think ye’ve jis swei
Doric - DOR@AiberdeenQuine Tak yer pick quine. https://t.co/hhkRYmESAP
Doric - DORy @katieeeeebell Tak yer pick quine https://t.co/bCh56Nz2Ze
Doric - DORi left yer hinger in yer sark Quine? 'At's a fair set o' shooders
Central - LALld also try @ionafyfe a local quine
Doric - MNAYe ken foo local quine Sarah gotten a free Cornish p
Doric - ABN least expect it an adenoidal quine fae Birmingham blurts oot fit
Doric - MNA tie? Weel, he met an oriental quine on aat same datin site an...w
Central - LALYour Royal Quine-ness awaits. ?? https://t.co/
Central - LAL@JennyLConstable Weel quine ye hae time on your side and
Doric - DOR@hollywills ye deen weel quine :-) xx
Doric - MNAatalieAHood Look efter yersel quine x
Doric - DOR@CaroleInnes0 Treat yersel quine. Did ye nae waak up a mountai
Doric - DORt rare thon mugic! 'Hud still quine till a' haaaal thon bear oot
Doric - MNA buckpool quine born and bred till i was 21 w
Doric - DOR Sic a dirty aul quine
Doric - MNA aid, mair, that anely a clean quine cud bind it, a young quine na
Central - LAL@NewsOrkney Poleetical fan quine crush o the day @MareeToddMSP
Central - LALi aready taen the Twitter fan quine Lassie crush pride for iday b
Doric - DOR h fit fine, fir iviry loon an quine
Doric - DORindaAnneWilson Hae a guid wan Quine ??
Doric - MNA affrontit es a chuddy-chaaen quine, wi a stud in er tung an a he
Doric - MNA ive years o unimaginable pain quine!” Turnin in anger he said,
Central - LALter Guess - am i a bread bin quine or fridge Lassie?
Doric - DOR@kdugdalemsp Fae an Elgin quine, I really dae expect better..
Doric - DOR She wiz a workin quine
Doric - DORRin Quine rin! #Doric #Aiberdeen https:
Doric - MNA ebbe ess is the country-luvin quine Ah'v bin leukin fir, he thoch
Doric - MNA a liquorice pipe as a loon n quine makkin on they were Granpaw B
Doric - MNAdialect of English!!!! C’mon quine, spik sense! https://t.co/xWP
Doric - MNACalm doon quine, the shops are anely closed f
Doric - MNAeith @Wattiejwattie Ats broon quine.
Doric - DOR seein she’s cawd Chris. Yon quine in the story.
Doric - MNA "True..." He noddit. "Bit yon quine's jist a waakin disaster. An
Doric - MNA t her haun tae her hauf-grown quine, faith she niver touched her
Doric - MNA eel, Ah wis nivver the kine o quine fa wis affa interestit in hoo
Doric - DOR It's up tae ye noo quine
Doric - MNA “Come on noo quine help yersel tae a fine scone.
Doric - DOR h met e wife ah says "Mon noo quine fit hiv ah wan?"
Central - SEC juist shaws what a bit cuit o quine can dae, even in this day an
Doric - DOR t up quinnie, noo (bend it up quine)
Doric - MNAir entertainment. Asked I bar quine fir a fite wine she looked at
Doric - MNAdiv in English. Eiss 3rd year quine, in lockdoon, scrievit fower
Doric - MNA@KirstySNP Happy New Year quine
Doric - MNA A Cottar Quine
Doric - MNA h'm prood te hiv bin a cottar quine an Ah widna chynge a thing: i
Doric - DOR@ScottishJill Nae badder Quine ????
Doric - MNA " Ah say, cis Ah ken the peer quine's hashed an Ah dinna wint te
Doric - DOR s become. They winna caa her quine nae mare. Mebbe nae even Chri
Doric - MNAWifie an her quine freens telt me tae take a pic
Doric - MNA time broth fur her man an her quine, an fur Meg, an Jock Dow her
Doric - DOR irie waves. They say a fisher quine needs a strang back and braid
Doric - ABN An nae ither quine or group o quines shoud be te
Doric - MNA "Yeah," said the ither quine, smilin it Morrice, "you're s
Doric - MNAFin’s ma denner quine? https://t.co/abcqjwFZLG
Doric - MNAAat wis a richt tasty denner quine - bit fit wis it! https://t.
Doric - ABN er. There wis ae day a neiper quine cam tae e door speirin gin A'
Doric - DOR hope yiv trimmed yer clopper Quine?
Doric - DOR Weel get yer quine an reel an rock it
Doric - DOR Ye think ye lost yer quine, weel, I spied her i'streen
Doric - MNA root Wallie cottars fin their quine Jessie drooned hersel, nae a
Doric - DORNicol1 Oo get u heehee clivir quine
Doric - MNAA junior quine's response tae lockdoon task
Central - LAL Nae man nor wife nor quine nor loon -
Central - WCE r aul, man or wumman, loon or quine, Scots or fremmit - the hail
Doric - MNAf ye cannae be wi aat loon or quine then lo'e the ae ye are wi! h
Doric - DORvidsonMSP You have nae honour quine
Doric - MNA Matty's quine Minnie's cam tae bide wi's, G
Doric - MNAenQuine Massive hugs n bosies Quine
Doric - DORe the grund? Epples an epples quine
Doric - MNA cushie-doo mannie wooing his quine in their mating dance. #pigeo
Doric - DOR makin breakfast fir his quine.
Central - SEC ased on a eemage. We see this quine gittin hersel buskit aa black
Doric - DOR ck then? Fit wid ye tell this quine o the noo?
Doric - DOR mither? Fit wid ye tell this quine o the noo?
Doric - MNAThanks quine, an ye mither an auntie! xx h
Doric - MNAFit rare! Thanks Quine! xx https://t.co/sJrThtUQLg
Doric - DOReannenaylor plinty tickets ms quine. Ye jist need tae get sorted
Doric - DOR left it running for 13 years Quine
Doric - MNAher excuse fur a pint! Cheers quine! https://t.co/AyWUypVBwD
Doric - MNA on ma homescreen noo. Cheers quine ??
Doric - MNAaughty @aboutaberdeen1 cheers quine.
Doric - MNA@NatalieAHood ?? cheers quine ??
Doric - DOR@eljonesuk Fits in the glass Quine?
Doric - DOR 'At quine jist loves tae be a mystery
Doric - MNAAat quine fa smashed the pie record: we
Doric - MNA ye dinna sweat much fir a fat quine."
Doric - DOR "It wisnae thon sweet quine fa saved ye...it wis me!" the
Central - LAL the same time as your futret quine," Klaus said, flickin through
Doric - MNA@Nicolejunemcka1 Nae yet quine
Central - LALot Ah'm blocked by thon poyet quine. Fa kens why? Ah dinnae hae o
Doric - MNAIt’s nae caul tonight quine ah’ve gien ye a het satty br
Central - LAL But Grannie wis a wee bit quine,
Central - EDN There a naakit quine
Doric - DORdamac @RuthDavidsonMSP Say it Quine ????
Doric - MNA wint te find yersel a decent quine - the kinna quine fa'll say
Doric - DORnydee72 fit you spikkin aboot Quine?
Central - LAL As a North East quine, A winna forget either ma fir
Doric - MNA on frosty nicht, the youngest quine on the ferm tossed on her bow
Doric - MNA n o't. Bit ye're the youngest quine, an ye hae the bindin o't.'
Central - LAL@HannahB4LiviMP Get us out quine
Doric - MNA umstantial. There wis a Hindu quine in thon orphanage, high caste
Doric - MNA kent naethin ava o ony Hindu quine they said, tho the tea picker
Central - LALlaid @RhonddaBryant Thank you quine. #Snperhero #CheJoanna
Doric - MNAHappy Birthday Quine! https://t.co/ClVZmej4Yl
Doric - MNAHappy Birthday quine, faun's the pairty?
Doric - DOR wis a description o a sturdy quine ina. A bet she takes a tattie
Doric - MNA@Branson1873 Safe journey quine
Doric - MNA "Ah maun bi the only quine in oor office at hisna bin ab
Central - SWE The bonny quine wis gane.
Doric - MNA t at the skweel, an auxiliary quine frae Nigeria, Mrs Ngobo, volu
Doric - MNA@NatalieAHood Roon i scullery quine. Tank top on.
Central - LALorryQ @Scotpol1314 Nae a Tory Quine just a Torry Quine. As it sho
Doric - MNA reatened tae cowp the 'Quarry Quine', sae the rowers turned her r
Doric - MNA "Fan we launched the Quarry Quine thon day, Jed wintit tae gyan
Doric - MNA tae hae seen frae the Quarry Quine. The doctor an his wife socht
Doric - MNA – Far we gaun on the Quarry Quine? Fit's ower the far shore?"
Doric - MNA ty on the voyage o the Quarry Quine an Navachitta, the trip tae T
Doric - MNA "We sud caa it the Quarry Quine," quo Jenny. "Boaties are aye
Central - LAL@ashleystorrie sorry quine.
Doric - MNAAh’m richt sorry quine fur ma hinmaist posts - noo
Doric - DOR72 Sherrene? At's nae a Torry quine I'd wager!
Doric - MNAerquineabz Canna beat a Torry quine. Eesed ti love ga'an ti Mike'
Doric - MNADinnae worry quine, ah'm tae feart tae get a pie
Doric - MNA age an bairns. Ah'm a country quine an fairmin's nae a choice. It