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Occurrences of arches in Corpus sorted by first letter of following word

Ulster - CUL h," thocht Alice, "es aal the arches
Central - LAL 10/10/o-is-for-hoolet-scratch-arches-live-oct-2014/)
Ulster - CUL hir hauns an feet tae mak the arches.
Shetland - SHD der haands an feet ta mak da arches.
Doric - NNB eir hans an feet, till make e arches.
Shetland - SHD dat soldiers hed ta whet bein arches. Efter half an ooer or sae, d
Doric - NNB eh," thoucht Alice, "as all e arches are gone fae iss side o e gro
Doric - MNA rie place it wiz wi wee steen arches gan awa doon intae the bowels
Doric - MNA n eence on the wye. Yin o the arches hid a door on it an this wiz
Central - LAL haes aready haed a run at the Arches i Glesca, an feinishes its Tr
Shetland - SHD kle," tocht Alice, "for aa da arches is geen fae dis side o da gru
Central - LALal They cans remind me ae the arches man!
Central - LAL up mawkit! Especially at the arches man, the place was black as f
Ulster - CUL a o coorse had tae stap baein arches tae dae this, so that, bae th
Doric - NNB urse hed till leave off be-an arches till do iss, so at, by e end