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Fenton, James matching with North Northern A (Black Isle)

Total unique words from Fenton, James = 1,641
Total unique words from North Northern A (Black Isle) = 90
analysis words = 200
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Author only total : 83.3%
Overlap total : 16.7%
Dialect only total: 83.3%
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Fenton, James North Northern A (Black Isle)
o in wae ower frae he bak or wuz on thon whar hir nae wee his yin but agane quait a' watter wie him she yit lake noo sae doon worl that up bae come this ither lukkin dark roon far lade owl naw whun weel tak they blak taen niver bricht sa then inty wud wur thonner yince iver wer whut licht waitin he'd there gaen by road mair nicht baith micht wat stan the an a tae oot it awa for lang ye as at we fin big wiz wi hid ganzies affa i tay were smaa makk nitten gairtens jobbie anither gave ayne needin langer charity thighs aul sexpince got wisset each wifie aff gertin job black six elephint wifies rows across stoot fit turnt shewin warpin wires gussets inta draars wyiven hame and wiskers nooadays wyive onybudy myne seeing thir wiffies auld fine warm diz pattrins fancie te be industry cottige nearly mony iyillies anaith sea aince turned machin wyvin abudy
83.3% 16.7% 83.3%