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Use in varieties of Scots

aaready Corpus occurrences Authors Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words15.2 10 13.8 26.4 0 22.4 0 6.8
Number of occurrences2312 9 0 1 0 1
Number of authors6 2 1 1

Occurrences of aaready in Corpus

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Docherty, John F. Lallans 81 - Lang Summer Days, (Lallans Magazine 2012) Lallans, prose
a demob suit, it's oot o date aaready!' he jokes an he's laughin aw on page 76

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Fleemin, Sandy Report on Inquiry intil the role Submission, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans, government
s orthography, the principles aaready bein kent fae the English.
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Smith, Jamie Effeirin tae the formal: Laitinate lendwirds in Scots, (Mak Forrit 2019) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
iblins the Latinate lexis wis aaready pairt o (Northren) Middle Eng
, and they uphaud what we’v aaready notit abuin. And whaur a Lati
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Uri, Antonia The birds an the bees, (Mak Forrit 2018) Doric - Aberdeen, blog
airticle. If ye hinna seen it aaready, ah strangly advise ye tae, a
owen up in the kintra, ah wis aaready weel awaur that leukin efter
2 matches

Strachan, Shane Hoast, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric, prose
nny for a wik noo and she’s aaready gien ma a curn o reasons tae
three at her hoose, I’d wis aaready sickent wi it, especially the
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Fleemin, Sandy Lallans 59 - Bellin the Cat, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans - Ormiston, prose
up the peth tae whaur the’r aaready sic a fire in the lobby she c
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Uri, Antonia Will virus crisis mean a fresh stairt for Scots produce?, (The National 2020) Doric, newspaper
e made or grown somewey else. Aaready, for wiks, the shelves hiv be
broad an the panic buyers hiv aaready bocht aathin there is tae be
mair tae worry aboot than we aaready hiv. If it daes get tae the p
gs. First an formaist, we are aaready realisin foo muckle we human
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Uri, Antonia Flooery achievement for the Scots Government, (The National 2019) Doric, newspaper
weel as the poppies an dasies aaready thrivin. In particular, it wa
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Heather, Alistair Tartan Tourism nae mair, (The Herald 2018) Lallans, newspaper
This new body o wark is aaready haein echoes aroon Scotland.
ld gie succour tae evolutions aaready stertit in ither neuks, an ma
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@MartyMacMurtrie tweeted in Lallans
ain643 Dinnae dae thon! He is aaready oan the heap!(2020)

@StuartPoet tweeted in Lallans
readin it an fair enjoyin it aaready ??(2020)
ib tae the new techno gubbins aaready ??(2020)

@RedValkyrie84 tweeted in Shetland

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