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Use in varieties of Scots

appears Corpus occurrences Authors Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words28.4 24 40.2 2.9 36.1 22.4 35.1 13.6
Number of occurrences4335 1 1 1 3 2
Number of authors17 1 1 1 3 2

Occurrences of appears in Corpus

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Burnett, Colin A Working Class State of Mind, (Piermont 2021 ISBN: 978-1914090158) Lallans - East Coast, prose
pauses fur a few seconds and appears tae be in deep thoat as he pr on page 38
e than words ever could as he appears tae huv developed early stage on page 42
a deed bairn. Everboady else appears tae be caught up in the momen on page 48
wards The Carousel. The place appears tae be unusually quiet. Thoug on page 68
fuck aw aboot her skin. Which appears tae resemble the texture ae a on page 72
Also on pages 77, 102, 109, 125, 126, 145, 158, 162
15 matches

Donovan, Anne Matilda In Scots, (Itchy Coo 2019 ISBN: 978-1785302350) Lallans, weans
fozie figures whaur the flesh appears tae be strapped in aw roond t on page 21

1 matches

Ulster-Scots Language Society Tha Fower Gospels, (Ullans Press 2016 ISBN: 978-1-905281-25-1) Ulster, prose
Jesus appears agane on page 112

1 matches

Campbell, Robert Lock Doon Poyams, (Independently 2021 ISBN: 979-8742155812) Ulster, poetry
Noo ait ale appears sae weak, on page 21

1 matches

Wilson, Rab Accent O the Mind, (Luath 2006 ISBN: 978-1905222322) Lallans - New Cumnock, poetry
frae his coort-case appears oan the scene. 'Whaur the hel on page 127

1 matches

Cumming, John Da Whillie, (Shetland For Wirds 2010) Shetland, prose
life, whin dis peerie fellow appears alang side wis wi a tully in
1 matches

Gillon, Karen Report on Inquiry intil the role o, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans, government
Scots an the community leids appears tae hae been, sae faur,
1 matches

Smith, Alex A Sair Fecht, (self-published 2003) Doric, prose
Isle. He thocht, it appears tae be so near, I jist hiv ta
1 matches

Hall, Simon W. Lands o Twatt, (Brisk Northerly 2018) Orkney, blog
mer. A crop o fresh mushrooms appears miraculously on a damp August
1 matches

Wilson, Rab Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Dumfries, poetry
a psychiatric nurse. His wark appears regularly in The Herald, an h
1 matches

McQueer, Chris Hings - Short Stories 'n That, (404 Ink 2017) Lallans - Glesga, prose
y. As soon as her stupit face appears mah granny turns the telly af
1 matches

Bennett, Peter McShane's Reprieve, (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
ar-view mirror, another motor appears an turns intae the car park,
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Rude Awakenings (Part one of two), (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
condescendin arseholes, which appears tae be the only abidin prereq
It appears tae work as he mutters someth
g simian clown fur as Pearcey appears at his windae an opens it, ev
3 matches

Grae, Emma Dancin wi the Rhona, (unbound.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
Wan tick appears oan WhatsApp. That’s no ric
A wee bam appears fae a corner shop.
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 114, (self-published 2003) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
he aw-seein wan.Enlichtenment appears tae be the hinnermaist goal o
1 matches

McKillop, Roger The Staff, (McStorytellers.com 2015) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
“Unco foefu’ tale!” It appears that fir months Scott had bee
1 matches

Puchowski, James Frae Norrowa ower the faem, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
e hae ignored this. Again, it appears that tae the mainstream media
1 matches

Macdonald, Ileene Fit’s it aa aboot?, (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
ing the war, the Yes campaign appears to be winning the peace.’ [
1 matches

Ewen, Allan The “Auld Lang Syne” Paradox, (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
he hauders o cultural capital appears tae end. Scots is braw for li
1 matches

McDonald, Hamish The Girnin Gates - Chapter 3, (Itchy Coo 2003) Southern, prose
t least until the wean's heid appears, anen ma
1 matches

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