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Use in varieties of Scots

Dialect map - Usage over time
rats Corpus occurrences Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words10 6.8 7.9 0 20.6 22.6 26.1
Number of occurrences187 3 0 2 2 4
Number of authors13 5 2 2 1 3

Occurrences of rats in Corpus

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Fitt, Matthew Roald Dahl Reekin Rhymes, (Itchy Coo 2018 ISBN: 978-1785301834) Lallans, weans
Whaur rats hauf-mad for things tae eat on page 5

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Chisnall, Edward F. H. Yer Ain, The Young Yins and the Auld Yin, (Evertype 2021 ISBN: 978-1782012764) Lallans - Glasgow, poetry
sorriest sichts iver seen-nae rats tae chase across the green an on page x
Nae rats thir days, jist sorbet ice on page 89
ff doon the back tae kick the rats on page 97

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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 167, (self-published 2007) Lallans, newspaper
ions" or "dinnaes" for short. Rats wis aye kent as "lang-tail fe
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@Chazzbat tweeted
room an kitchen. Ah hink the rats in the waa huv deid. https://(2020) search twitter

@kennethbryce184 tweeted
cos ee kin get the scurvy aff rats lol (2020) twitter link


Blackhall, Sheena Minnie, (Scots Language Centre 2004) Doric, prose
airns hid cam in like drookit rats. Ten tin flasks, stoppered wi
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@fittiecrooners tweeted
hoping this vote wid get yon rats arse tasting "meat" aff the b(2018) search twitter
Gammon finally replaced yon rats chewy liver on the Fittie Bar(2019) search twitter


Johnson, Laureen Alice's Adventirs in Wonderlaand, (Evertype 2012 ISBN: 978-1782010081) Shetland - Voe, prose
pound! He says he kills aa da rats an - oh dear, I doot A'm off on page 23

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@helenmoncrieff tweeted
ion, habitat damage, bycatch, rats and stuff. We're working on i(2018) search twitter


Halfpenny, Cameron Ahlice's Adveenturs in Wunderlaant, (Evertype 2015 ISBN: 978-1782010876) Southern - Borders, prose
ed back tae th wee door; but, rats! Th wee door was shut agin, a on page 19
oun! Hei says eet kills aw th rats an-och nut!" cried Ahlice gie on page 22

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Fenton, James On Slaimish, (Ullans Press 2009 ISBN: 9781905281299) Ulster, poetry
O leppin, clattin rats. on page 27

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Robinson, Philip Oul Licht, (Ullans Press 2017 ISBN: 978-1905281305) Ulster - Larne, poetry
"Theres rats in thonner" on page 18
"Theres rats in thonner'. on page 19

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Morrison-Smyth, Anne Alice's Carrants in Wunnerlan, (Evertype 2013 ISBN: 978-1-78201-011-1) Ulster - Ballymoney, prose
ns! Hae says it kills aal the rats an-ugh dear!" gret Alice in a on page 23

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