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Occurrences of ahem in Corpus sorted by last letter of previous word

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Southern - SEA "Ahem!" said th Moose wi an importa
Doric - NNB "Ahem!" sade e Moose wi an importan
Ulster - CUL "Ahem!" said the Moose, soundin imp
Doric - DOR’n Crystal fae Bugsy Broons (ahem, appairintly) lately! #Banana
Central - LALcer when it comes ower here. *ahem*
Central - LAL here hou much he'd like tae *ahem* "mow thir lawn". He's a sad,
Central - LALd luck!.....Oh and nicht......ahem morning! I'm orf tae sleeps t
Central - LALyir wee yin is twa....well....ahem....baby no 2 could be oan its
Central - LALe tae take her a walk, but....ahem I'm up here in Scotland??xzx
Central - LALlad you had a guid gig! But...ahem....what happened tae the yout
Central - LAL@ClydeFC Ahem! ??. ??????. ?????????? https
Shetland - SHD'd. Dey were a lot rarer here ahem years ago.
Central - EDN Ahem,” Beatrice agreed, “that