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Use in varieties of Scots

answers Corpus occurrences Authors Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words31 26 46 8.8 36.4 0 23.5 6.8
Number of occurrences4740 3 1 0 2 1
Number of authors19 3 1 2 1

Occurrences of answers in Corpus

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Fenton, James On Slaimish, (Ullans Press 2009 ISBN: 9781905281299) Ulster, poetry
Unther lang-settled answers, weeglin on page 37

1 matches

Fitt, Matthew Roald Dahl Reekin Rhymes, (Itchy Coo 2018 ISBN: 978-1785301834) Lallans, weans
It ayewis got the answers richt. on page 21

1 matches

Burnett, Colin A Working Class State of Mind, (Piermont 2021 ISBN: 978-1914090158) Lallans - East Coast, prose
"He shouts at me and demands answers I don't have." The brass neck on page 55
"Aldo" he answers aw gleefully. on page 113
do. Anwey, you'll no find any answers in that hing. Trust me, eh? a on page 149

4 matches

Donovan, Anne Matilda In Scots, (Itchy Coo 2019 ISBN: 978-1785302350) Lallans, weans
et her brains asteep on these answers. 'Ah want tae mak sure ah've on page 203

1 matches

Thomson, Mark Bard fae thi buildin site, (Luath 2007 ISBN: 978-1906307141) Lallans - Dundee, poetry
answers ti give. on page 77
ctors ir still lookin fir thi answers on page 89

2 matches

Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2021 ISBN: 978-1916117921) Lallans - Renfrew, prose
y through till it tolt us the answers in English. on page 17
startet scribblin doon aw the answers. on page 80

2 matches

Wilson, Rab Accent O the Mind, (Luath 2006 ISBN: 978-1905222322) Lallans - New Cumnock, poetry
Wi aa his answers in his fists. on page 37

1 matches

Hay, Gordon M. The Doric New Testament, (Gordon M Hay 2012 ISBN: 978-0957351516) Doric - Banff, prose
Fit's yer readin o't?" An he answers, "Loo e Lord yer God wi aa ye on page 98

1 matches

Gillon, Karen Report on Inquiry intil the role o, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans, government
answers tae thir problems. Some think
110. Thir concerns an answers proponed could aye be address
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 108, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
e Meenister gied the follaein answers:-
Scots language, alang wi the answers gien bi the Scots government.
s wis pyntit oot, the scant o answers anent Scots bi the Executive
tee o Experts is wechtin thae answers noo an will nae doot be ower
4 matches

Calderwood, Lynsey Mumbo Jumbo, (Litro magazine 2006) Lallans, prose
y through till it tolt us the answers in English.
1 matches

Smith, Alex A Fer Chauve, (self-published 2005) Doric, prose
ull you hae ony mair?" Jonsar answers, "Aye you wull get anither
1 matches

Burnett, Colin Boris Johnstone, (colinburnett.co.uk 2021) Lallans - East Central, prose
He shouts at me and demands answers I don’t have’’. The bra
ium, pretendin tae hae aw the answers. Whilst the media and public,
2 matches

Halfpenny, Cameron Ahlice's Adveenturs in Wunderlaant, (Evertype 2015) Southern - Borders, prose
in askin riddles that hae nae answers.”
1 matches

Hall, Simon W. No the Six o Clock News, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Orkney, blog
nterviews (both questions and answers), hard news reports aboot NHS
1 matches

Bennett, Peter The Party ay the Year (Part One), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
bastarn thing tae.’ Trisha answers.
1 matches

Bennett, Peter The Bools, (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
an yer ain gemme, Coyle’ he answers defiantly.
st get oan wae it Coyle’ he answers a bit too sharp, like he’s
2 matches

Geraghty, Martin 378, (TheCommonBreath.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
A teenage boy finally answers. He rolls his eyes and tuts.
1 matches

McKillop, Roger The Builders, (McStorytellers.com 2015) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
nit! Troll back a couple o’ answers! “Haw, Adie, c’mere! Whit
1 matches

Horsbroch, Dauvit The Embra Greement, (Scots Language Centre 2012) Lallans, government
be informed fae the answers it haed til its public-speir
s Government will bore at the answers til
2 matches

Monahan Brown, Ricky Dùn Èideann, (The Scores 2020) Lallans, prose
in. Mebbe it wid gie him some answers.
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 106, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
d at aw an the ither sax haed answers that haed naethin tae dae wi
n that gin they gie some guid answers tae the questions on Welsh, I
clyped, they'll wecht aw the answers an, gin they fund thaim wanti
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spirin. It shows thit thir ur answers oot there, ye jist need the r(2020)

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