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Use in varieties of Scots

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aathin Corpus occurrences Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words72 14.9 274.6 0 41.2 11.3 26.1
Number of occurrences12815 104 0 4 1 4
Number of authors18 7 6 2 1 2

Occurrences of aathin in Corpus

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Douglas, Sheila Lallans 59 - Rants and Foys, (Lallans Magazine 2001) Lallans, newspaper
ye kin stairt wytin them fir aathin. I winna tyne wirds on sic mi on page 56

2 matches

Clark, Thomas Wha's Like Us?, (Bella Caledonia 2017) Lallans - Bellshill, blog
, aka ignore, oor opinions on aathin else.
1 matches

McLachlan, Jack Glessheids maun wale guid neebors tae thole the dreich Scottish climate, (University of Maine 2019) Lallans - Ceres, prose
e dreich Scottish winter haes aathin tae dae wi wha ye gang about
1 matches

Dempster, Michael DIGNITY, (Scots Language Centre 2021) Lallans, poetry
aathin else thit ye
1 matches

Kurtoglu, Wulf Braken Fences, (Caroline Macafee 2011 ISBN: B006JE3UQW) Lallans, prose
The young man covert aathin in less nor hauf an our, Rong
aroon the computer buird ... aathin trig an tidy, nae obvious pla
t his granfaither he wad muve aathin straucht tae Dalhousie. He br
. Na, it wad been thrawn oot. Aathin she had wad been thrawn oot,
he sayed. “Aal thir fowk. Aathin etten.” He swept his erm ac
7 matches

Ewen, Allan The Blin Man an the Man Wha Couldna See, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
cht, tae see nocht an imagine aathin than tae see aathin an imagin
than tae see aathin an imagine nocht.
2 matches

@StuartPoet tweeted
st localised wird fir a RS an aathin(2020) search twitter


Leslie, Deborah Doric - Alive an Kickin, (Argo Publishing 2004 ISBN: 978-0954615314) Doric - Inverurie, prose
n noddit: he'd jist summed up aathin at Ab'd wintit te say te the on page 9
back, Win, ye maun hiv tried aathin," said Eric, leukin aroon. "E on page 16
sually kens the ins an oots o aathin." on page 24
r hoose aa decoratit again - aathin spleet-new, funcy designir st on page 33
airtit te relax a wee bittie: aathin wis aye aricht an 'reed-moo' on page 42
Also on pages 43, 44, 60, 65, 69, 72, 78, 81, 87
16 matches

Leslie, Deborah Doric - Hale an Hairty, (Argo Publishing 2011 ISBN: 978-0954615345) Doric - Inverurie, prose
ol divvels flees. They sit on aathin an spew and sh-" on page 14
ssmint; an foo te jist accept aathin aat life threw yer wye wi'oot on page 20
i joy an exasperation; an fir aathin wi've bin te een anither. on page 23
wi hair aa ower the seats an aathin." on page 27
urs an blaain an girnin aboot aathin an aabody, wi Gerald jist nod on page 29
Also on pages 44, 48, 49, 57, 58, 59, 60, 62, 68, 75, 78, 79, 80, 85, 87, 89, 90, 92, 93, 94
35 matches

Hay, Gordon M. The Doric New Testament, (Gordon M Hay 2012 ISBN: 978-0957351516) Doric - Banff, prose
r ain, an yer Fadder, fa sees aathin ye dee in saicret, will gie y on page 13
e they'd landit, they gied up aathin an follaed him. on page 87
"Folla m." Up he got, leavin aathin ahin him an follaed him. Efte on page 88
hey cass ye oot an caa ye for aathin, an scowff at yer verra name, on page 89
in braw claes an hiv e best o aathin bide in palaces. Bit fit did on page 91
Also on pages 98, 99, 107, 116, 121
11 matches

Uri, Antonia Bidin awa: City Breaks, (Scots Language Centre 2015) Doric - Aberdeen, newspaper
roon the Loire Valley an see aathin ye want, ye micht need mair t on page 17

1 matches

Blackhall, Sheena Minnie, (Scots Language Centre 2004) Doric, prose
een war blaik an sherp takkin aathin in, an her skin wis brunt sae
e its size. Apairt frae thon, aathin wis fine. Matthew Bruce teeme
k syne. The New Year maun hae aathin clean an bonnie fur it, insid
in the fe4rmhoose...it sortit aathin frae kink-hoast tae teethache
Yer ma's nae hersel jist noo. Aathin'll seem better in the mornin.
5 matches

Blackhall, Sheena The Quarry, (Lochlands 2007) Doric, prose
z; granite that cud withstaun aathin frae the snell skelp o a doon
eration that kent the price o aathin an the warth o nocht. Fowk wa
anny ilkie day fur onythin an aathin. Gin the soup wis cauld, she
e learned mair sense than gie aathin awa tae auld bodachs."
cannie chiel, an accoontant. Aathin maun add up in his buik: ther
21 matches

Johnson, Mary Lallans 59 - Kieran an Aidan, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Doric - Aberdeenshire, prose
s, blewarts. We hid names for aathin. Birds. Mavies. Yirlins. Vran
1 matches

Blackhall, Sheena Jessie the Jumbo And other Bairn Tales in Scots, (Smashwords 2014) Doric - Aberdeen, weans
tch ett aabody’s leavins an aathin else his gutsy wee kyte wad h
jamfrey o sannies, stappit wi aathin frae salmon tat dauds o biled
oot the lichts in the lift an aathin gaed blaik, except fur
neb teetle the windae. Inby, aathin wis bricht’s a preen, full
ne. “Och she’d jist bladd aathin. She’s a spylt
8 matches

Uri, Antonia Will virus crisis mean a fresh stairt for Scots produce?, (The National 2020) Doric, newspaper
anic buyers hiv aaready bocht aathin there is tae be bocht, then w
am fae England. At a time fan aathin is uncertain, an transportin
2 matches

Blackhall, Sheena Drumneachie Ferm, (Scottish Poetry Library 2019) Doric, poetry
ran a mixed ferm, a bittie o aathin, an keepit an open hoose fur
1 matches

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in I back o a van. Clarted in aathin. Teen inti Aiberdeen and up n(2019) search twitter
tie @ionafyfe Glittery Sark n aathin(2019) search twitter
sh n chips wi proper plates & aathin', cutlery, the lot. Hid ti se(2020) search twitter


De Luca, Christine Dodie's Phenomenal Pheesic, (Shetland For Wirds 2008) Shetland, weans
1 matches

De Luca, Christine Gaet-markers, (Shetland For Wirds 2010) Shetland, poetry
whan horizons mizzle awa, an aathin is
1 matches

Williamson, Christie Pre nuptial, (damagnifyingless.wordpress.com 2012) Shetland, poetry
fur aathin he airnt
1 matches

De Luca, Christine Thule Revisited, (Shetland For Wirds 2007) Shetland, poetry
aathin tuckit in an trig
1 matches


Rodger, Matt The Borth’ick Waitter, (SCOTS Corpus 2003) Southern - Roxburgh, prose
urd ooten his mooth, bot whan aathin wis gangin ithoot ae hanker,
1 matches


Dornan, Stephen Tha Jaa Banes, (Ulster-Scots Academy 2020 ISBN: 978-1-9163758-1-9) Ulster - Comber, poetry
Aathin changed since A foond thon ba on page 23
an say: "aathin on this side on page 59

2 matches

Dornan, Stephen Ding Doon tha Mairch Dikes, (Modern Poetry Translation 2019) Ulster - Comber, poetry
an say: ‘aathin on this side
1 matches

Spence, Laura Tha Thoarn Tree, (Ullans Magazine 2013) Ulster, prose
fore gaun tae bed, hairt-gled aathin wus aa richt. The’ baith ha
1 matches

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